Student Activities

Arts & Crafts Club
Students in each grade level meet twice a month on Wednesdays to create crafts from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM. Each activity centers on their unique creativity of the designated project. The skills of cutting, gluing, and using their own designs help to give the students a chance to make a project that is truly their own.

First grade student projects include making paper lanterns, paper plate pumpkins, ornaments, and handprint turkeys. Second grade student projects include string pumpkins, lanterns, Thanksgiving turkey handprints on burlap, Christmas mosaic ornaments, and school photo ornaments. Third grade student projects include making Christmas trees, ornaments, pumpkins, and turkeys. Fourth grade student projects include making their own wreaths using wire forms and pine wreath forms as well as making bracelets and necklaces.

Technology Club
Technology projects are teacher facilitated and student led. Our club helps students become more proficient with 21st century technology. We meet after school on Mondays until 4:30 PM.

Spirit Squad
Students promote school spirit at student rallies, assemblies and events.

Student Council
Students become productive members of society and prepare them with leadership skills. Members plan activities, fundraisers, and school projects.

Students work together to create the yearbook with assistance of staff members. It provides involvement and responsibility for documenting and capturing memories for the year.